Practical Ecology

2018, Series of Ink Jet Prints, edition 2/3

Practical ecology is a photography- and film-based contemporary art project studying one man's mission to live an ecologically sustainable life, and how that affects his relationship to objects, waste and the environment. Through a series of photographs and video work this practice is looked at as work of a practical philosopher, whose thinking is embedded in the inventions he’s created. 
The objects, for example made a wooden cutting board out of an old leather sofa, skates out of old skis and a container -stool, which used to be a tree in his garden, are photographed in a commercial studio environment, to emphasize their connection to human’s relation to objects as commodities. All of the objects are made of found objects or waste, which has no other use. The importance of the objects for him is in the invention, in completing the thinking process by using his skill of making something out of nothing, regardless of how useful the final object may turn out to be.

Practical ecology

2018, HD Video, duration: 00:10:10, edition 2/3

Practical ecology 2 – on matter and energy

2018, HD Video, duration: 00:13:05