Second Waltz (Toinen Valssi)

2-Channel Video Installation, Duration 00:05:25, 2013

Original music: Susanna Jauhiainen

Second Waltz is a two –Channel Video Installation portraying a Father and adult daughter dancing a Waltz and a folk Music croup playing a piece by Susanna Jauhiainen. The location, Näsilinna Neo Baroque Castle in Tampere, plays a significant role in the video. A Finlayson factory owner’s son built this grand castle also called Milavida as a home for his family in 1898. The castle holds a tragic history as the family never lived in it – the mother died in the birth of her baby twins, the father died a month later with infection. Four children remained orphans. Later during the Finnish civil war the castle saw severe fighting scenes and the marks of the horrors can still be seen in bullet holes and blood marks in the building. With the historic background I conducted a scene as an homage to my Father and those who came before me.

In Second Waltz I have taken a look at the development in the society in Finland since World War two. I’ve been interested in the changes in social structure, which has allowed a rise in the social ladder for every new generation in many families, and how this phenomenon has affected the relationships between generations. I’m focusing on the contradiction between heritage and social class, where certain behavioural patterns seem alien to an individual. The type of behaviour that is considered primitive is often associated with people of lower class whereas someone with inherited social capita knows the codes.

Camera: Sanni Hujanen
Lights: Rosa Mäkinen
Sound design: Samuli Peltonen
Color correction: OttoHeikola